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Let's Eat Mindfully:  
Let's Eat Mindfully by Jim Painter
Released Jan 2017
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Eating Mindfully goes beyond savoring the texture and taste of our foods. In this book, mindful eating addresses ways to recognize environmental factors that influence our penchant to overeat along with providing small but significant barriers to mindless consumption.
$8.95 (Kindle 6.00)
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Portion Size Me:   Follow two graduate students as they eat exclusively at fast food restaurants for 30 days and learn some valuable lessons about portion size. Viewers will enjoy this fast-paced entertaining and insightful documentary on correct portion sizes. Dr. James Painter and several other nutrition experts from Eastern Illinois University offer valuable information on obesity, portion size, and good nutritional health.
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Portion Size Me Too:  This documentary dives deeper into the concepts introduced in Portion Size Me. It answers questions such as:
• Who determines portion size?
• How should it be determined?
• How can you make healthy choices at fast food restaurants?
These questions and more are answered in this enjoyable, informational video made with the help of Eastern Illinois University and nutrition expert, Dr. James Painter.

Nutrition You Need to Know:  A basic understanding of nutrition is necessary for every consumer to be able to discern the truth from the hype that is seen daily in the media.  In this text, the basic guidelines for a healthy diet are presented in the dietary guidelines for Americans.  The authors hope this book will provide the information that everyone needs to develop a healthy lifestyle that will reap benefits in individuals, families and society for years to come.
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The Art of Nutritional Cooking:  Completely updated in a new edition. this unique book combines the experience of a professional chef with the expertise of a registered dietitian, offering readers a valuable guidebook/resource tool for preparing healthy food. The science of nutrition and the art of cooking are fully integrated to illustrate the infinite possibilities of healthy cooking that achieves quality in all areas of taste and customer satisfaction. A refreshing emphasis is placed on the taste, and composition of nutritionally prepared foods.
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